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WTS Films is a video production company from Lisbon, where the sun shines 300 days a year. Send us your story and we’ll make it happen. Bring the sunscreen!

WTS Films started in 2016, initially under the name “Wetube Studio”.
And it was soon sued by Google. Google found the name Wetube too similar to Youtube – come on understand why – and then we switched to WTS Films. Just because we’re cool guys.

Since then we have produced dozens of advertising films and many other institutional films. The reason for all this success is because of the great desire we have to do and create beautiful things. Different things. Things that make us proud to see, that are visually green and don’t pollute the eyes. It is due to our always positive attitude and uncomplicated approach to problems. But above all, it is due to a huge passion for what we do.
This is our story. Now send us yours.


film production

Film & Photo Production Services in Portugal

Portugal is one of the sunniest places in Europe – on average, there are 9 to 12 hours of sun per day during the summer – and holds an extraordinary wealth of locations , all of them within surprisingly small distances. It’s the new great destination discovered by the international production industry.

Let us know what are your film production needs.

WTS Films We’ll gladly help you out.

On our own facilities at WTS Films we can provide you a full range of production services, or simply post-production solutions (namely editing, motion design and grading), either for TVCs and Films or for more complex projects like multiple-camera TV Shows, thanks to our 4 editing suites, all connected to a Nexis Server with an ultra fast 10Gb/s network, making it possible to edit and grade whilst sharing production files at blistering speeds.

Rest assured. Due to the exponential growth in the amount of productions Portugal has experienced in the past decades, quality solutions are granted. The film industry has been unceasingly modernising its equipment and professionals specialised in all areas have all been acquiring invaluable experience and knowledge regarding their craft.

film production


Based in Lisbon, WTS Films offers TVC, TV Projects and Photography Production services in Portugal.
WTS Films streamline Location Scouting and the entire budgeting process.

The combined years of experience the WTS Films team has, working on Commercials, TV Shows and Photography production in Portugal,
has given us access to special resources and connections with local talent, crews, equipment vendors as well as unique access
to locations that may not be so easily available.

Our experience covers everything from location scouting to wrapbook and all sort of video and photography production:
Commercials, TV Shows, Social Media, Videoclips, Print Campaigns and Catalogues.